Universal Accessories

5th Wheel Cover

Recessed fiberglass cover with ball groove design 

CFW-01H 5th Wheel Cover - Holland                                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Smooth fiberglass cover                                                                                                         CFW-02J - Jost                                                         

Rear Frame Cover

Available pre-drilled, ready for light installation or blank for custom designs.
RFC-01 Rear Frame Cover Blank
RFC-02 Rear Frame Cover Light Ready
* Trimming may be necessary for proper fit

Rear Deck Cover

48" rear deck cover with integrated air box is designed to fit on top of most standard frame rails.  Comes with mounting hardware.

RDC-01 Rear Deck Cover *
* Optional 7-piece stainless trim also available

Full Frame Cover

One-piece fiberglass cover has 12” sides to completely hide frame rails and bolts. Available in continuous lengths up to 8ft. Cover will require trimming to fit your application. Please specify quantity of mounting braces when ordering.
FFC-01 Full Frame Cover
FC-B Aluminum Mounting Brace
* Braces will need to be attached in desired location by installer